Clauses worth fighting for

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image/svg+xml Academic Workload Save and strengthen research fractions Specific realistic time allocations in EA More accessible workload mechanisms Professional Staff Workload committee Fill vacant positions Increased severance pay Rest breaks in contact centres No individual metrics Job Security No forced redundancy Minimum redeployment period of two years Limit on “change processes” Mandated staff numbers in some areas No sham redundancies Stricter change / consultation clauses Same rates and conditions for any outsourced work Reduce Casualisation “Early career” positions must have research fractions “Contingent Continuing” for grant funded staff Strict definition of “casual” Fixed term to ongoing after 18 months (like UNE) Immediate conversion for long term casuals Close loopholes in “casual conversion” clauses Casual ratios Pandemic / Health And Safety Min time release for HSRs HSR access to incident reports Work from home rights HSR in every work group Pandemic leave A real pay rise, not wage stagnation Enforceable clauses for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff numbers Disputes and union clauses Paid union time Status quo for disputes Casuals Sick leave for casuals ...or paid uni breaks for casuals Increased loading for casualised academics (compensate for no research fraction, no increments, work only in term) Pay casuals for all hours worked (like Melb Uni) 17% super for casuals Entitlements: paid meetings, inductions, lecture attendance...